What is Plan Pro Matrix ?

Company Name:  Plan Pro Matrix

Website: FREE SIGN UP: https://www.planpromatrix.com/members_area/signup/585113.php

Owners:  Mark George Naval & Junnel Millano

Price: Free to sign up, starter $14-one time payment, premium $40- one-time payment

In this Plan Pro Matrix review I’ll dig into these platform’s features and explain how they work, Plan Pro Matrix claims to have a variety of services to help people to make money on the internet  but with all the scams emerging daily on the internet we should put these kind of businesses  in doubt, we should always do a little research on this kind of websites.

If you are thinking on joining them but you first want to know if Plan Pro Matrix is a scam or a legit site you are on the right place, one of the main reasons I’ve created this blog was to uncover scams and point out the legit programs that actually help people to profit from the internet, I’ve been scammed before so I know how it feels to get ripped off and I don’t want you to feel the same.

Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped-off

Pay close attention to this Plan Pro Matrix review and at the end you will know exactly how it works and if it’s really for you, you can also give me your opinion or ask any question


FREE SIGN UP: https://www.planpromatrix.com/members_area/signup/585113.php

NOTE: If a data error occurred when you tried to login just keep refreshing the page until you are able to login to your PPM dashboard.

What is Plan Pro Matrix?

It’s an online platform that claims to offer a variety of services that will help you to make money online created by Mark George Naval & Junnel Millano founded in Philippines.

Most of these kind of companies that have the word Matrix on their name are MLM business and Plan Pro Matrix is not the exception, I personally don’t like the MLM business model which is quite similar to a pyramid scheme with the only

difference that the MLM businesses give a product in return for your money, so in my opinion MLM companies are on the borderline of being a scam.

Howsoever, what makes Plan Pro Matrix different to other MLM companies is that they’ve included other ways to make money online like their data entry and affiliate program, I’m not a big fan of MLM but I have to say that Plan Pro Matrix is not the classical MLM company. you could get the 100% return of your investment in a couple of weeks just by solving captchas.

Plan Pro Matrix is a MLM company and what gives you in exchange for your money is 2,000 text ads and a bunch of e-books, you can choose when to display your text ads inside the members area of Plan Pro Matrix, this is the only place where your ads are going to be displayed, while these ads are only seen by members I wouldn’t expect to get much traffic to wherever your ad is linked to, even if somebody clicks on some of your ads the quality of the traffic you’ll get would be very poor.

Their text ads and e-books packages are not so useful, but, there are 3 main ways that have paid off thousands of dollars to many Plan Pro Matrix members around the world; the matrix, the data entry and the table of exits.


How it Works

  the-matrix 1.The Matrix

In order to make money with the Matrix is by convincing people to join Plan Pro Matrix’s starter membership, when 2 persons join Plan Pro Matrix under your sponsorship you’ll get $14 USD, but $9 USD will go to Plan Pro Matrix’s pocket and the rest ($5 USD) goes to your pocket. Imagine a little pyramid, now you are on the top and there are 2 more places available under you, these places are for your referrals, so when the pyramid is full you receive your commission but you will have to mandatorily re-enter to another new pyramid and you will start at the top again, the re-entry fee is $9 USDwhich goes to Plan Pro Matrix and you get to keep the $5 USD left. Your referrals will have to do the same and the pyramid will continue.

2.Data Entry

Another option to make money with this platform is called Data entry, what you’ll be doing here is solving random captchas, some companies offer this captcha solving service so I guess Plan Pro Matrix partnered with one or more of these kind of companies, if you are a fast typer you’ll probably be interested in trying the data entry software, you could earn from $200 USD to $300 USD a month depending on how fast you are on the keyword and how much time you spend on solving these captchas.

Here is a video of how it works:

Pls watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhaZ6gJGiaM

You can download the data entry software here, it won’t work until you activate your account.

3.Table of Exits



This table works like the matrix but on a bigger scale and you don’t have to refer 2 people to profit with it, obviously, the more people you and everybody in your table refer, the faster you are going to exit the table and the faster you are going to get paid.

Not only the table will be bigger but also the payouts, there are 4 levels on the table of exits, when you activate your premium account you’ll be able to enter in the first level, in order to get paid you need to make your way to the top (4rth level), the available spots will be taken by the referrals of everybody in your table including you, every time the level 1 is full, you will be scaling to a higher level until you make it to the 4rth level.

When you exit your first table you’ll make $66 USD, you’ll re-enter to a new table where the payout is higher ($211 USD) and so on, when you finally exit the table 5 you’ll earn $11,000 USD + a car downpayment, not bad right?

This is how the table of exits looks like:

NOTE: If you sign up to PPM through any link of this page, I’ll be your sponsor and when you activate your premium membership you will enter to my table of exits


Good Things About plan pro matrix

  • Includes more options to profit besides their MLM system
  • Short time cycling
  • Low cost investment


My Final Opinion

Plan Pro Matrix is legit and you can join them at a very low cost, you can sign up for free but you will have to pay whether for the starter membership or premium membership to activate your account, after payment you’ll receive a code that will allow you to activate your account.

SIGN UP FOR FREE : https://www.planpromatrix.com/members_area/signup/585113.php

IMPORTANT: There is a fake Plan Pro Matrix login page, you have to be careful with this login page because looks exactly like te original one and it’s even well ranked in google, always remember to look for the “https” at the beginning of the url, here are some images showing the difference between the fake and the real login page:



If you have logged in through the fake one don’t worry, the only thing you have to do is to change your password in your account settings and you’ll be fine.

LEGALITIES of PlanProMatrix




any concerns leave a comment below






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